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  NeuroShell Trader Links to MetaTrader 4 4/3/2013
  You can now combine the point and click ability of NeuroShell Trader® to easily build custom trading models with access to brokers and banks from around the world through the MT4 Bridge by ZagTrader.

  Announcing a New DataFeed/Brokerage Partner - ZagTrader 4/3/2013
  Ward Systems Group is proud to announce a new datafeed and trading partner named ZagTrader that includes coverage of a broad range of international markets for the Trader, as well as major US stock indexes, futures, and FOREX -70,000 symbols and counting.

  NeuroShell Trader Super Computer 3/21/2013
  NeuroShell Trader can now distribute the optimization processing of complex financial models over your local area network.

  NeuroShell Trader Wins First Place in 2013 TASC Readers' Choice Awards 2/15/2013
  The NeuroShell Trader continues its successful run as the top Artificial Intelligence software as voted on by TASC readers.

  InterChart Tools 2 Add-on for NeuroShell Trader Released 11/1/2012
  The InterChart Tools 2 add-on generates early trading signals for NeuroShell Trader

  MESA91 Released 9/28/2012
  The latest version of this popular add-on from John Ehlers includes an adaptive method of extracting the dominant cycle for each instrument, as well as an EvenBetterSine indicator that can forecast market trend in only a half period of the dominant cycle.

  NeuroShell Trader Captures First Place in TASC Readers' Choice Award 10 Years in a Row 3/1/2012
  Thanks to a very loyal customer base, NeuroShell Trader Professional takes home the award for best Artificial Intelligence Software for the tenth consecutive year.

  NeuroShell Trader Wins First Place in 2011 TASC Readers’ Choice Award 3/1/2011
  The NeuroShell Trader Professional takes the top spot in the Artificial Intelligence Software category in the TASC Reader's Choice Awards for the ninth consecutive year.

  NeuroShell Trader Wins First Place in 2010 TASC Readers’ Choice Award 3/1/2010
  The NeuroShell Trader takes first place in the Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine's Readers' Choice Awards in the Artificial Intelligence Trading Software Category.

  New Add-On Expands NeuroShell Trader’s Ability to Quickly Build Trading Systems 6/15/2009
  New add-on for the NeuroShell Trader adds a new level of find and remember type indicators as well as powerful indicators for Pairs Trading.

  New Release of ChaosHunter Adds Trader Friendly Features 3/16/2009
  More features added to our already powerful and useful software package, ChaosHunter.

  NeuroShell Trader Wins Artificial Intelligence 2009 Readers’ Choice Award 2/23/2009
  The NeuroShell Trader continues it's successful run as the Winner of the Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Readers' Choice Awards in the Artificial Intelligence Trading Software Category.

  NeuroShell Trader Wins Artificial Intelligence 2008 Readers’ Choice Award 2/17/2008
  The NeuroShell Trader has once again taken the top spot in the Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Readers' Choice Awards.

  NeuroShell Trader Professional Once Again Judged Best AI software in 2007 2/22/2007
  The NeuroShell Trader Professional was selected as the Winner of the Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine's 2007 Readers' Choice Awards in the Artificial Intelligence Trading Software category for an unprecedented fifth year in a row!

  NeuroShell Trader Advanced Seminar 1/11/2007
  Feel like enhancing your NeuroShell Trader skills and enjoying the ocean in Florida at the same time? Set aside March 27 – 29, 2007, to attend the NeuroShell Trader Advanced Seminar.

  Free E-book on Artificial Intelligence in Trading 1/9/2007
  Ward Systems Group is offering a free E-book that distills the company’s 20 years of experience assisting customers with how to use artificial intelligence (AI) software to create profitable trading systems.

  MESA8 Add-on Reviewed by Dennis Peterson in July 2006 Issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine 7/7/2006
  NeuroShell Trader is the other platform accommodating MESA8 indicators. Is there something special about the connection between NeuroShell Trader and trading systems? Well, there is.

  CEO Steve Ward Quoted in CFA Magazine on Neural Networks and Investment Decision Making 6/20/2006
  Steve Ward asserts in the May-June 2006 issue of CFA Magazine that neural networks can assist in making profitable trading decisions as long as the user carefully considers which variables to feed the model.

  Mesa8 Add-on for NeuroShell Trader 6/16/2006
  John Ehlers has completely updated his trademark MESA (Maximum Entropy Spectral Analysis) indicators in a new add-on for the NeuroShell Trader called MESA8. The MESA8 indicators measure whether the market is in cycle or trending mode and deliver precise trading signals for either situation.

  VISA Touts Neural Networks for Reduction in Credit Card Fraud 6/12/2006
  VISA announces that their credit card fraud is near its all-time low, due in part, to their usage of neural networks as one of their security measures.

  NeuroShell Trader Launches Major Update 3/10/2006
  Ward Systems Group announced the next generation of its award winning NeuroShell Trader software

  NeuroShell Trader Professional Selected Best AI software for Fourth Consecutive Year (2006) 2/28/2006
  For the fourth year in a row, the TASC Readers’ Choice Awards has recognized NeuroShell Trader Professional software as the winner in the artificial intelligence category.

  Announcing the Pattern Matcher Add-On 1/10/2006
  Ward Systems Group is announcing the Pattern Matcher add-on for the NeuroShell Trader. The Pattern Matcher grew out of many requests by users who wanted to know if patterns in their data streams had occurred before in history, and if so, what type of activity followed after those historical patterns. Some users also wanted to identify a pattern in history and be alerted when a similar pattern occurs in the future. The Pattern Matcher add-on meets both needs by providing indicators that match patterns and revealing the subsequent activity.

  Meyers Analytics Add-on Available for NeuroShell 10/31/2005
  Ward Systems Group has announced that Dennis Meyers’ Key Daily and Intraday Trading Systems are now available for use with the NeuroShell Trader Professional and NeuroShell DayTrader Professional. Dennis Meyers, who has a Ph.D. in Engineering Applied Mathematics, has created systems that smoothly blend statistical techniques with technical indicators into a set of nine trading systems that now can take advantage of the NeuroShell Trader’s powerful optimizer.

  NeuroShell Customer Makes Accurate Economic Predictions 5/16/2005
  Ward Systems Group announced that a long-term NeuroShell customer has taken the trading software a step further from the usual market predictions to extracting economic predictions from sector data. For 2004 the customer correctly made 11 out of 12 economic, market and sector predictions. So far in 2005, his new predictions are accurate as well.

  NeuroShell Trader Pro Captures Top Honors in the 2005 Readers’ Choice Awards for the Third Year in a Row 2/25/2005
  The TASC Readers’ Choice Awards once again recognized NeuroShell Trader Professional software as the winner in the artificial intelligence category.

  Announcing the Cybernetic Analysis Add-On 4/7/2004
  This add-on includes NeuroShell Trader versions of the indicators described in John Ehlers’ new book, “Cybernetic Analysis for Stocks and Futures.” NeuroShell Trader Professional and DayTrader users can further enhance Ehlers’ work by combining his indicators with the power of the NeuroShell Trader’s optimizer to breed trading systems with a winning edge.

  Announcing the Fuzzy Sets Add-On 4/1/2004
  Ward Systems Group is announcing the release of the Fuzzy Sets add-on which allows users to describe a combination of values of traditional indicators with fuzzy logic.

  NeuroShell Trader Professional Wins Artificial Intelligence 2004 Readers’ Choice Award 2/23/2004
  The NeuroShell Trader Professional was once again named the Winner in the Artificial Intelligence category of the 2004 Readers’ Choice Awards presented by Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine

  NeuroShell Trader Wins Artificial Intelligence 2003 Readers’ Choice Award 3/1/2003
  Ward Systems Group COO Marge Sherald is proud to announce that the NeuroShell Trader Professional received the top award in the Artificial Intelligence Software category in the Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities 2003 Readers Choice Awards

  Featured in Mutual Fund Market News, October 21, 2002 10/21/2002
  The NeuroShell Trader, Ward Systems Group CEO Steve Ward, and two of our prominent customers were featured in the October 21, 2002 issue of Mutual Fund Market News.

  Ward Systems Mentioned in US News and World Report 1/24/2002
  Ward Systems Group is mentioned, along with two of the main companies in the article who use neural networks from Ward Systems Group.

  Ward Systems Group CEO Quoted in NY Times 7/13/2001
  Ward Systems Group CEO Steve Ward was quoted in a June 30, 2001, Business Section article of the NY Times entitled "Artificial Intelligence for the New Millennium, by Barnaby J. Feder. Mr. Barnaby's article was written to coincide with the release of the new movie Artificial Intelligence.

  Trader User Featured in "The Guts & Glory of Day Trading" 2/20/2001
  Scott McCormick is featured in a chapter titled "If only I had a brain..., Scott McCormick: the AI Guy" in Mark Ingebretsen's new book "The Guts & Glory of Day Trading" - TRUE STORIES OF DAY TRADERS WHO MADE (OR LOST) $1,000,000.

  Today’s Markets Break Yesterday’s Rules - So Get Fuzzy! 2/16/2001
  Read the press release regarding the release of the "Fuzzy Pattern Recognizer" add-on.

  Announcing the Cluster Indicators Add-On 11/17/2000
  Building add-ons is so easy with the NeuroShell Trader Professional that everyone who is a programmer should try it. If you're not a programmer we try to provide our addons at the reasonable price of only $249 and we've now got another great one no serious trader should be without…

  Trader User Takes Second Place in National Contest 1/31/2000
  Last year Shashi Mehrotra participated in American Skandia's 2nd annual Internet investment game - MarketMa$ter 2, a national investment contest that involved dynamic asset allocation. Out of the 4200 investment professionals participating, Shashi came in second using the NeuroShell Trader Professional.

  Forecasting Financial Markets Using Neural Networks: An Analysis of Methods and Accuracy 7/1/1998
  Read what one of our users researched for his thesis.

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