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Due to popular demand, we are bringing back our version of the Employee Discount Sale.

From now until June 2, 2014, you can purchase FULL versions of our NeuroShell Trader line at a whopping 30% discount. We are even including our most advanced and ultimate performance Power User versions in the sale!

With the discount, NeuroShell Trader Professional is only $1046.50, and NeuroShell DayTrader Professional is only $1746.50. On the Power User side, the NeuroShell Trader Power User is just $1606.50 and the top of the line NeuroShell DayTrader Power User is just $2446.50. Thatís a savings of $448.50, $748.50, $688.50 and $1048.50 respectively!

However, employees are expected to do their own technical support after 30 days of assistance, and they have no 30 day return. Therefore if you take advantage of this sale, you sign a waiver giving up the usual right to a 30 day return, as well as all email and telephone technical support after the first 30 days (you can still get help on our web site user forum). So if youíve got what it takes to get the Ward Systems Group Employee Discount, then welcome aboard.

PS - Once you get to the end of your 30 day technical support period, you can reinstate free support just by paying us the other 30%. As always, this sale may not be combined with any other offer.

Click here for the Waiver Form. NOTE: this form MUST be filled out, signed and faxed back to us before we can process your order with the Employee Discount.

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Absolutely no exceptions, no rainchecks, no waivers, no applying the special to previous orders and this offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers. This sale DOES NOT apply to shipping costs, consulting, products advertised by, but not sold by Ward Systems Group, or products not specifically stated as being included in the sale.

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