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NeuroShell Trader

Compatible Brokers

Although you may trade your NeuroShell signals with any broker you wish, the brokers below have connections built into NeuroShell for automatic (integrated) trading. This means signals generated by your NeuroShell trading strategies can be sent directly to these brokers, with the fills registered back in NeuroShell. NeuroShell has two modes of integrated trading - with and without prompting. With prompting, you are asked to approve every trade before it is sent. Some brokers have a demo account or paper trading account you can test with before you commit real funds.

Interactive Brokers provides direct access trade execution and clearing services to individuals, advisors, institutions, and brokers at deep discount commissions. Our premier technology allows customers to trade stocks, options, futures, forex, and bonds on over 50 markets worldwide from a single IB Universal account at best execution prices. Interactive Brokers and its affiliates execute over 20% of US options trades, and are ranked by Institutional Investor as the 16th largest US securities firm with $2.1 billion in capital.



If you have an FXCM account, you can use data directly from that account in NeuroShell Trader 6.4 or higher. You can also send trades directly from NeuroShell Trader to your FXCM account, so you have the option of automatically executing trades if you choose.

For information on opening an FXCM account, check out www.fxcm.com.

FXCM is an independent legal entity and is not affiliated with Ward Systems Group Inc. Trading foreign exchange (forex) on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.


If you have a TradeStation account, you can use data from TradeStation even if the TradeStation program is not running in the background. You can also send trades directly from NeuroShell Trader to your TradeStation account, so you have the option of automatically executing trades if you choose.

To download the FREE software that connects NeuroShell Trader and TradeStation, log into www.ward.net with your NeuroShell Trader serial number and go to the Release News section.

For information on opening a TradeStation account, visit www.TradeStation.com or contact Jordan Vilarello.  Contact details are below:

Jordan Vilarello
Relationship Manager
Direct: (954) 652-7544 | UK Phone (0808) 234-1049 x 7544
Email: jvilarello@TradeStation.com

ZagTrader offers two different direct connections to brokers from NeuroShell Trader.

MT4Bridge by ZagTrader

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the trading platform known as the industry leader for dealing with international financial markets. Depending on the broker, you can obtain Forex, and/or futures, data from your broker and send trades all within the NeuroShell Trader software using the MT4 Bridge by ZagTrader.

When you sign up for a ZagTrader RT account, you have access to the MT4 Bridge, as well as value analysis, technical analysis, screeners, up to date market and company news, risk reports, and peer group analysis. You can take advantage of fundamental and technical analysis covering every single traded symbol. With your ZagTrader RT account, it’s like have your own personal financial analyst available 24 hours a day.

NeuroShell-ZagTrader Bridge

When you sign up for a ZagTrader RT account, you are also eligible to use the NeuroShell-ZagTrader Bridge, which allows you to obtain data and send trades automatically from NeuroShell Trader to any of the following brokers:

United Arab Emirates: Palestine: Qatar:

The same ZagTrader RT account allows access to the MT4Bridge by ZagTrader and all of the account privileges described above.

For more information on the brokerage services offered by MT4Bridge by ZagTrader and the NeuroShell-ZagTrader Bridge, contact ZagTrader.

North & South America: +1 514-661-1585 FREE

Europe, Middle East, Africa: +971-4-433-4385 FREE


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