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NeuroShell Trader


Learning to use the NeuroShell Trader is a snap because our documentation is in the form of video (.AVI) files. You simply play one of our short videos and you can easily master one of the steps of using the program. We highly recommend that you watch all of the videos to learn the basics of the NeuroShell Trader. The videos are the easiest and most effective way to learn the Trader. Your computer will need a speaker and sound card to use the videos.

Click here to watch the videos online


The NeuroShell Trader comes with 25 different training example charts to teach you how to use the program.  Each example chart loads with a detailed description of the methods and techniques utilized in the charts. Don't skip looking at each of the example charts as there is a lot of valuable information, especially in the more advanced examples.

Interactive Tutor

The Interactive Tutor, when turned on, provides a information panel to the right of the NeuroShell Trader. As you progress through the NeuroShell Trader, it gives you context sensitive choices from the help file depending on which screen on the NeuroShell Trader you are currently using.

Help Files

The extensive help file included in the NeuroShell Trader includes descriptions of all of the indicators in the program, as well as all of the features of the program. The help file can be printed out to be used as a manual.

Technical Support Website

A NeuroShell Trader User's Technical Support Website includes all the help files topics as well as information not included in the help files like frequently asked questions, tips, techniques, newsletters, technical questions, etc. There is also a user discussion forum where you can receive information and ideas regarding the use of the NeuroShell Trader.

Click here to access the NeuroShell Trader Technical Support Website

Technical Support

If you still need help with the NeuroShell Trader, you can e-mail us your questions at support@wardsystems.com.